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Tweaking the Causes of Memory Card Data Loss and Recovering Deleted Photos

May 11, 2013 By: abhayjeet Category: Photography, Software

recovering deleted photos

Gone are the days when you have to think before clicking an image as your camera has limited film shots. Today, with the inception of digital cameras, you can click innumerable photos because they use memory cards. A memory card is small, re-writable high capacity digital data storage media, wherein you can store hundreds of photos altogether.

However, due to high data storage capacity of memory cards, you cannot entirely bank upon them for the security of your stored media files like photos. As many times, accidental deletion of photos and unexpected formatting and corruption of camera cards (or memory cards) cause loss of your invaluable memories saved on them. Therefore, it is always recommended to transfer your photos to your computer as soon as you finish clicking. In this way, backing up the memory card contents by transferring them to your computer is the best way of preventing data loss.

However, have you ever thought what you will do if you encounter photo loss in between clicking profess or before transferring them!

Well, most of the times these situations occur when we handle our camera cards improperly. Let us discuss some of these situations in which we encounter photo loss before making their backup or before transferring them to our system:

  • Drawing out the card without switching the camera off: At times, due to some urgency or some other reasons, we pull the memory card out of the camera without switching the camera off. This interrupts the ongoing read/write processes and thus, corrupts the card and makes all the stored contents inaccessible.
  • Clicking images in dying batteries: Your digital camera is designed in a way that it gives you intimation for low battery. However, many times, we ignore this warning and click the images until camera dies. This situation abruptly stops the image writing process and corrupts the camera card.
  • Using one memory card in multiple cameras: To make the file system of your memory card compatible with your camera, it is formatted in the camera itself. Therefore, using one card in multiple cameras can corrupt it, and can cause inaccessibility of all the data stored in it. Since many of us are unaware of this fact, we use single memory card in multiple devices, and encounter photo loss.
  • Performing rapid clicking: Many of us do not know that clicking photos very rapidly too can interrupt photo writing process, and can corrupt the camera card. Therefore, we click large number of photos on a go and bear the pain of photo loss as camera card gets corrupt.
  • Virus infection: It is another cause that corrupts the camera card as soon as it gets interacted with the device that is virus infected.
  • Accidental deletion and unexpected formatting: Accidental deletion and unexpected formatting are two major causes of photo loss that generally occur due to our haphazard ways of handling the camera card and camera.

Since you do not have the backup of your photos in any above mentioned situations, recovering your lost or deleted photos from backup cannot be a solution to overcome the loss. The best method to recover lost photos in such cases is through an efficient photo recovery software. Professional photo recovery tool has simple intuitive user interface and generally three simple steps of photo recovery. Let us take a brief look to the three simple steps of photo recovery used by most of the photo recovery tools:

  • Select: After launching the software, you have to select your affected memory card that you have attached to your computer through card reader.
  • Scan: Upon selecting the memory card, scan it with the software. Scanning generally provides the preview of recoverable objects on the interface of the software.
  • Save: After completion of the scanning, you can select all or some specific photos that you want to store at the location of your choice.

With the help of these understandable steps, you can perform the recovery of all your lost or deleted photos easily without any hassle.

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