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May 03, 2013 By: Jono Category: News

Microsoft has launched

Microsoft Announced that transition from Hotmail to the new is now complete. Microsoft has launched as a new email service that would eventually replace Microsoft Hotmail and open up opportunities for more features to be included. It’s now official that Hotmail is dead.

Microsoft makes the transition from Hotmail to, they are moving over some 150 petabytes of emails and information is just six weeks. Not only that, Microsoft said that current number of users email service has reached 400 million users, a number which is fantastic for a new service. is an interesting service, it has reached one million users in just a few hours after launch.

Microsoft released a free email service in mid last year as a new email service that will replace Hotmail. Behind the launch, brings two new features; SkyDrive integration and SMTP send.  With SMTP, it’s easier to send emails from different email addresses. To access this feature, you can check out the Options Menu, and then click More mail settings, select Your email accounts, and then navigate to the Add an email account section.

SkyDrive integration with is not surprising, because this is basically the same thing that made ​​Google for their services; Gmail and Google Drive. But overall, it will facilitate users to save attachments directly to their SkyDrive and easily attach files to email on SkyDrive.