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How to Use Sparklines in Microsoft Excel 2010

July 12, 2013 By: Jono Category: Office

Sparklines are visual representation of your data simple and easily understandable, right in the spreadsheet. Sparkline make it quick and easy to understand mini chart in your cells Excel spreadsheet that highlights the important details of your data. They come in the form of a small line graph, bar chart.

These charts are usually located very close to the data they represent, making it easier for you to see trends from the data and makes it easy to see how the changes will affect the results.

Insert Sparklines into Your Spreadsheet

In this post I will show you the how to use Sparkline in Microsoft Excel 2010.

  1. First, prepare the data to be processed in a Microsoft Excel 2010 document.
  2. Select the cell that will be the location of the chart, and then click Insert > Line.
    insert sparklines
  3. Then a dialog window will appear to Create Sparklines. Then click on the button next to the Data Range and mark the data that is in the cell, for example C8 to G8 and then click the OK button.
    sparkline data range
  4. Now Sparklines has appeared in the cell that you want.
  5. For next data, simply click on Sparkline cell then do the copy by dragging a sign (+) down to the cell you want.
    excel sparklines 2010

Change Sparklines Color

  1. To change the color of Sparkline, select the cell and then click on the Sparkline Tools Design and select the color you want in the style group.
    change sparkline color
  2. If you want other colors, you can click on Sparkline Color and select the color you want.
    more colors excel sparklines

Thus you know how to use Sparklines in Microsoft Office 2010; you have successfully created and also understand how to replace it with a color that you want. Now your spreadsheet more professional looking, easy to understand and visually appealing.