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How to fix Bootmgr is Missing in Windows 7 Computer

June 14, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

how to fix bootmgr is missing windows 7

Windows 7 Bootmgr is Missing is one of the error messages that are often found by computer users. Bootmgr is Missing in Windows 7 is caused by a crash in the software and do not support the computer hardware, so the best way to fix this error is to repair your computer using the Windows 7 DVD or using a System Repair Disc.

How to fix Bootmgr is Missing in Windows 7

You may get this error while booting your computer. Here is the best way to fix Bootmgr is Missing error that I can recommend to you:

  1. Open the System Recovery Options by using the Windows 7 DVD, restarting the computer and press F8 for a few seconds until the Advanced Boot Options appear, then select Repair Your Computer.
  2. Select the Startup Repair option; it will automatically fix the problems that are preventing Windows from starting.
    startup repair windows 7 bootmgr is missing
  3. The computer will start the process, if problems are found, and then the system will fix them automatically. If the process has been completed, it will ask you to reboot your computer, do it to see if it works. If it does not work, try the next step.
    checking your system for problems
  4. Run Command Prompt, type C: and press Enter.
    C:\ is the drive where the Windows 7 is installed. You can replace it with another drive where you installed the Windows 7.
  5. At the C:\ prompt, type cd boot and press Enter.
  6. The last, at the C:\ boot, type the following commands in sequence, and press Enter after each command.
    • bootrec /FixMbr
    • bootrec /FixBoot
    • bootrec /RebuildBcd

    the last step for fix bootmgr is missing error

Now remove the Windows 7 DVD and restart your computer. After performing the steps above, then the issue Bootmgr is Missing in Windows 7 will be fixed. Follow the steps slowly, to make sure everything goes well.