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10 Special Google Search Tricks that Show Instant Answers

April 26, 2013 By: Jono Category: Internet

special google searches like operators

The Google search engine has a lot of advantages, not only can display a list of websites based on keyword search you entered. But Google has some special characters (Google special search) which you can use it as a provider of reliable information. Google will provide quick answers to many specific searches.

Most people do not know about this. But you can use Google searching like a pro by learning the Google search operators. You will master the special search on Google if you want to learn them. Here are some examples, from the special Google search that I can share to you.


Do not need a calculator if you just need a simple calculation. You can use Google as a calculator, beginning with fast calculation type in the search field. For example you search 10*(5-3), then Google will give you an answer that is displayed on a calculator application. You can continue with other calculations like using a clickable calculator app on Desktop or Smartphone.

google calculator

Unit Conversions

You can use Google as convert between varieties of units. Begins with typing form X unit to unit in the search field, then Google will display your answer in a unit conversion application. You can continue with other unit conversions like using a clickable unit conversion app on Desktop or Smartphone.

google unit conversions

You can also combine multiple unit conversions and math. For example, search 2 miles plus 200 yards in kilometers will give you a valid answer.

combine unit conversion

Currency Conversions

Besides unit conversions, Google can also do the currency conversion. You can do a search like usd to pounds to see the exchange rate between two currencies, or do a search such as 200 usd to pounds. Search results will be displayed in a currency conversion app, thus allowing you to make quick changes to other currencies.

google currency conversion

Your IP Address

You can see your current IP address by typing what my IP in the Google search field or just search for my IP, then Google will show your IP address you are using. After knowing this, you do not need to go to the specific website for knowing your own IP address.

google my ip address


You do not need a weather app if you already know this trick. Google allows you to see the weather in a specific location. For example you are search weather london to see a weather forecast for London. However, if you just enter weather without a location in the Google search field, so Google will automatically show the weather forecast today for your area.

google weather


You can also use Google to see the time zones in a specific area. For example typing time london, so Google will show current time in London. Same as weather search, enter time without a location, so Google will automatically show the current time in your area.

google times

Dictionary Definitions

Besides Google Translate, you can also use Google to view the definition of a word. For example, a search for word define, then Google will show the usage of a word that you enter. In addition you can also listen to the pronunciation of the word by clicking the sound button.

google dictionary

Flight Tracking

You also can track status of flight by typing the name of the airline followed by the flight number. For example, I want to track the flight of air canada 137, then Google will show the status of airline flights. See the picture, the status of Air Canada 137 flight was having delays.

google flight tracking

Latest Movies

You can also use Google to see the latest movies in this year. For example, you want to see a movie that was released in 2013, then enter keyword movies 2013 in the search field, Google will display the image and the title of the movies which releases in 2013.

google movies


Google is also equipped with various types of data for various cities and countries, such as the number of population. Use the keyword population location to find the population in a specific location, whether it’s a city, state, or country.

google data

Those are some of the special Google search that I can share with you. Do you know other useful tricks that are not mentioned above? Please leave a comment and share them.