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How to Add Shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows 7 & 8

June 16, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

how to add shortcuts to my computer

Have you ever wondered how to add shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows 7 & 8. It’s actually an easy thing to do. With the shortcut icon in “My Computer” will give us easy access to hard drives, removable pen drives, external hard drive, folder, applications and various other related links.

If you previously used with a desktop shortcut that looks cluttered, then with this technique you can remove some of the shortcuts on your desktop and move it to the “My Computer”. This will make your desktop look neat. Here’s how to add the shortcuts that you need to “My Computer”.

How to Add Shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows Computers

Press Windows+R on the keyboard, then type the following command in the RUN box.
%appdata%\microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts
open folder network shortcuts location
Then the Network Shortcuts folder will appear. If you never add shortcuts to “My Computer” previously, the Network Shortcuts folder looks empty.

Create a shortcut from an application, folder, etc… to the desktop first.
create a shortcut to desktop first
Then move the desktop shortcut to the Network Shortcuts folder.
cut a desktop shortcut paste shortcut in network shortcuts folder
Now open “My Computer” and see the shortcuts that you have created already appear. Here’s the result of adding all the shortcuts.
now the shortcut has appear in my computer
You have successfully added shortcuts to “My Computer” in Windows computers. Now you will be easy to access all the files that are frequently used through the shortcuts in “My Computer”. In addition you can also create a shortcut to terminate the program Not Responding.