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Speed Up Internet Connection with Fastest DNS Server

December 05, 2012 By: Jono Category: Internet

how to speed up internet connection

Internet connection problems are often an obstacle when you’re surfing the internet, sometimes slow connections make yourself emotionally. To solve the problem use how to speed up internet connection with fastest DNS server.

Domain Name Server or DNS commonly called is a network service that translates a website’s name or IP address of the internet. So how the DNS is to encode or translate a domain name into the form of a unique number called an IP.

For example: has IP

When someone opens through the browser, then the browser will access to Google IP address ( Conversely, when someone writes that IP in the browser is open page (try it on), so it can be said that it is the IP destination address of a domain that is used to communicate with each other.

The linkage between DNS and speed up internet connection

Basically every ISP (Internet Service Provider) internet service providers has its own DNS server. For example, let’s call it Indosat and Telkomsel, both providers have their DNS, DNS to different DNS Indosat Telkomsel. So when the density of traffic an ISP’s DNS server, because too many are used, then it will slow down internet access even happen RTO (Request Time Out) or Not Found while browsing the internet.

Although the DNS server for each ISP is different, but in its use, we can use the DNS servers of other providers while browsing. For example users of Telkomsel, but because of slow DNS server Telkomsel, so you can use a DNS server owned by Indosat, or vice versa.

The principle is used to speed up the Internet connection method with fastest DNS server.

To speed internet connection is required DNS which also has quick access. Looking for a DNS server that has access to fast, can use Benchmark or NameBench DNS software, so you can get them to the following address.

DNS Benchmark:

How to find the fastest DNS server using DNS Benchmark

  1. Get the DNS Benchmark (portable / no need to install)
  2. Run it and select the menu Nameserver > Run Benchmark
    run benchmark
  3. Wait until the search process is complete
  4. After that will be displayed multiple DNS servers can still be used (green circles) and that cannot be used (red circle). Select the DNS servers can still be used (green circle). The top is the fastest DNS server is detected at that time.
    get fastest dns server
  5. Find 2 DNS that are similar, to be used as primary and secondary DNS servers.
    Based on the images obtained 2 DNS that have similarities that.

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  6. After that just change the DNS servers to the fastest connection settings used on windows / modem. I have discussed the ways to change the DNS server on windows 7.
    change dns server For IP to be optional, because IP is not too great an influence on the speed of internet connection, except when they want to access the server pages that are outside of your country, or you want to hide the identity of existence, then the necessary foreign IP. How do I do that? Please read how to change the IP address to another country.

Using a way of How to speed up Internet connection with fastest DNS server, can speed up your internet connection, so it is more comfortable in surfing the internet, be it browsing, download and upload. Safely enjoy!!

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