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Software Speed Up Internet Connection

November 24, 2012 By: Jono Category: Internet

speed up internet connection

One software speed up internet connection is used SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator. Which software is the best Internet Accelerator software by PC Magazine.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a Windows application designed to optimize and speed up internet connection, whether dial-up modem connection, DSL, Cable, Wireless, LAN and Hi-Speed. Its use is also very user friendly, very easy to use.

With this software the activity of surfing the internet will be more convenient and fast, such as browsing, email, upload, online gaming, Skype connection and will also increase.

Operating System support:

  • Windows Xp
  • Vista
  • Windows 7

If interested to try this software, please get the software via the link below.


If the installation for Windows XP and Vista failed, then install Microsoft Framework advance, while Windows 7 Framework not necessary.

How to Use SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator V8.0

Here I will explain how to use this software. How to use this software quite easily, if you still confused just follow the steps below,

  1. You should install software before.
  2. Run the software, please check if it does not appear in the taskbar to the right.
    speedconnect run.
  3. Click Optimize and Apply Changes, then the Optimization Level indicator will show the level of optimization of your Internet connection.

Display interface of software SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator looks like the picture below.

Software Speed Up Internet Connection

This software can also test the connection speed, which the software will do the running test to see how fast your Internet connection is being used. After that there will be information about the connection being used. Display Tester SpeedConnect Internet look like the following figure.

Software Speed Up Internet Connection - Speed Test

After using the software speed up internet connection (SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator), it is guaranteed your internet connection will not slow anymore. Feel the difference before and after using this software. Or an alternative, you can use the fastest DNS Server.

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