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Macro Photography Tips Using a Pocket Camera

March 30, 2013 By: Jono Category: Macro photography

macro photography tips

Do you like macro photography with a beautiful art? Of course, most people want to be able to do macro photography with beautiful and good results. This time I want to share macro photography tips with a pocket camera, not a DSLR camera. Is the limited capability of a pocket camera can produce good quality macro photography? For me everything is possible, the most important thing we can take advantage of the technology that we have. For that I will explain in detail the steps that you can try in order to be able to produce good macro photos.

When comparing the macro photos with pocket cameras and DSLR cameras, necessarily the result of a DSLR would be great. Although the results are not as powerful as when you use a DSLR camera + macro lens, but you can shoot and produce a good macro photo using a pocket camera. You can see the photo below, it is the image produced from a pocket camera.

macro flower photography tips


Macro Photography Tips Using a Pocket Camera

Want to get something like that? Take your look for some interesting tips below.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Use macro mode[/highlight]

Use this mode if you want to maximize the results of macro photos. The macro mode is generally symbolized by the flower icon on your camera. When you use this mode, you tell the camera that you want to take a closer focus object. With the Macro mode you can get a large aperture, the focus of the object can be sharply with the background slightly blurred.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Use a tripod[/highlight]

Even if you only use a pocket camera, a tripod can make your macro photo sharpness. Not only to reduce camera shake, tripod also help you when building composition and shooting angle to be more precise.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Set aperture[/highlight]

If your pocket camera has a feature to change the aperture when in macro mode, you can try to scale aperture – f/x. Select a big value of x if you want a wider focus area or select a smaller value of x if you want a narrower of focus area. Starting from the usual amount, try to use f/4 or f/5.6 as a starter.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Select your focus[/highlight]

When the camera is possible, use manual focus setting, so you can more freely ascertain at which point you want to consider as a focus. Generally in macro mode, manual focus adjustment is easier when compared with auto focus. For example, when photographing flowers, we can assure the focus falls on the flower petals and not in the stem.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Composition[/highlight]

Read more about composition guide or at least identify the subject of theory rules of thirds. Use a simple background and was not too bothered, to ease produce a good picture.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Lighting[/highlight]

Using flash in pocket cameras actually produces bad photo. Turn off the flash and use natural light, such as light from a window or when cloudy. Sunlight is too hard for your camera, use a simple reflector, for example white paper, Styrofoam or aluminum foil if the object is too dark.

[highlight type=”label” style=”info”]Use timer[/highlight]

Use your pocket camera timer, so that the resulting image sharper added. When the finger pressed the shutter button on the camera, the camera shake can make your photo blur, the timer is very useful because we can activate the camera without pressing the shutter button directly. You need a tripod to be more comfortable when utilizing the timer.

These are some that I can give to you from macro photography tips using a pocket camera. You can be creative and use your knowledge of your other abilities, so you can get better photos.