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Microsoft Word 2010 Tips and Tricks

December 11, 2012 By: Jono Category: Office

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Who does not know Microsoft Office? Application made by Microsoft that has been used by many more millions of computers around the world. Currently, applications that must be installed on Windows, including: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

For those who are using MS Word to type documents, there are some Microsoft Word 2010 tips and tricks, which may not yet know about it. Starting from the work quickly, efficiently, and doing fun things you can find here.

11 Microsoft Word 2010 Tips and Tricks

1. Selection/mark
Perhaps you already know just double click to select one word, and click three times to select a paragraph. However, to select one sentence just hold down the “Ctrl” key and left click on any sentence. Meanwhile, to select the entire table hold the “Alt” key and double-click.

2. Creating a table
Perhaps you create a table using the “Draw Table”, now you can create a table by clicking on the “Insert” tab and click on “Table”. Will display the Insert Table pop up, you just move the mouse to determine the number of columns and rows.
creating a table of contents in word If you just want to make one column of the table you just simply press the + button for vertical stripes and buttons – for example horizontal line “+ — + — +” (without the quotes) and press “Enter”.

3. Adding a Comment Box
If you want to send a document to a friend or colleague, does not need to write a length explanation of the sentence that may be poorly understood in the email. Simply by selecting a part of the sentence and then click the “Review” and select “New Comment”.
adding a comment box in MS Word

4. Make a list of the Keyboard
You can create a list of sequential numbers or symbols by simply pressing the button on the keyboard. For example, write the serial number simply by typing 1. The desired word and press “Enter”, MS Word will automatically sort the numbers you have typed.

5. Insert a screenshot into MS Word
One of the latest features of MS Word 2010, can insert screenshot directly into the document. Simply by pressing the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard and then click the “Insert” tab on MS Word then select “Screenshot”.
insert a screenshot in MS Word

6. Adding Bookmarks to Documents
To facilitate search for documents, simply by adding a Bookmark. Click the “Insert” tab in the “Links” click on “Bookmark” type the name of the desired page and click “Add”.
adding bookmarks to documents After that, create a special page for a list of the contents of your document. Selection of one of the title pages of documents, click the “Insert” tab in the Links column click “Hyperlink”. Then Insert Hyperlink window appears select “Place in This Document” and select the page headings in the column bookmarks that you have created and then click OK.
insert hiperlink in MS Word Now you can go directly to a desired page by clicking on the title in the table of contents page by holding down the “Ctrl key and left click”.

7. Change Status Bar
Maybe you do not realize that the status bar in MS Word can be changed as you wish. Right-click the status bar, you will find a lot of configurations that you can customize.
change status bar in MS Word

8. Set Auto Correct
Have you typed the teh which is then turned into the? That Auto Correct, Auto Correct feature in MS Word is very handy if you frequently create documents in English. You can set the Auto Correct tab by clicking File > Options > Proofing > Auto Correct Options … If you want to remove in the Auto Correct tab there is a column, type the word you want, ex: teh select the word in the field below and click Delete. You can also add a few words that can be corrected automatically by MS Word.
set auto correct in MS Word

9. Shortcut in MS Word
Shortcuts in MS Word are very much but do not need to memorize everything, just necessary, in order to help your work. In addition to common shortcuts such as copy, cut, paste, print, etc., MS Word has its own special shortcut is:

  1. Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y:
    If you make a mistake you accidentally can use this shortcut (undo and redo).
  2. Ctrl + Space:
    Press this button if you think that’s a sentence or paragraph has errors, eg: bold, italic, underline, font, etc., aim to return the default. The trick is to select a sentence or paragraph and then press “Ctrl + Space”.
  3. Ctrl + Q:
    Press this button if you find an error formatting paragraphs, double spaced, extra space at the beginning and end of paragraph, etc… The way the whole paragraph selection and press the key combination (Ctrl + Q).

10. Alignment

  1. Ctrl+L : Align text left.
  2. Ctrl+E : Center.
  3. Ctrl+R : Align text right
  4. Ctrl+J : Justify

11. Unique Tricks in MS Word

  1. = rand (200.99)
    Type the word above and press “Enter” wait for 3 seconds. MS Word will display the posts as much as 567 pages contains comments from a few friends or the people who worked on the application.
  2. = lorem (7.3)
    By typing the words above will show both 3 paragraphs contained in the text of Lorem Ipsum.
  3. = rand.old (7.3)
    MS Word will display the 3 paragraphs that contain example sentences in typewriter text “The quick brown fox Jumped over the lazy dog“.

Actually there are many Microsoft Word 2010 tips and tricks, for now it first, maybe next time I will discuss a few other tricks to ease your work in creating a document in MS Word 2010.

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