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Automatically Save Your Gmail Image attachments to Google Drive

May 30, 2013 By: Jono Category: Internet

gmail attachments to drive script

A few days ago, I visited Labnol and found an interesting trick; it is about automatically save your Gmail image attachments to Google Drive. I think this is a unique trick that I had never made before and I think it’s worth sharing with you.

Amit Agarwal creates a Google macro script which can be automatically used to save image attachments in your Gmail Inbox to a new folder (Gmail Images) in your Google Drive. With the help of this script, you don’t need to worry about losing image attachments that exist in your Gmail, because all of it will be back up on your Google Drive.

Save your Gmail Image Attachments in Google Drive

This script will run automatically enter your Gmail account, for that you should give permission for the script to read your Gmail Inbox and writing files into your Google Drive Folder. Here’s how you can use this script with easy steps.

Open the script has been created by Amit Agarwal. Then choose File > Make a copy to create a personal copy of that script in your Google Drive.
save gmail images script
Open the script that you have copied to your Google Drive. Choose Run > Authorize to grant permission for the script.
run authorize for the script
Then you will see a warning stating that the script requires your authorization to run.
requires your authorization to run the script
Then the script will be requesting access to your Google account, for that you need to give access for the script by clicking the button Grant access.
requesting grant access
Once authorized, choose Run > StartProgram and the script will start working. You need to wait for a few minutes until the copying process is complete.
start run the script
This script will create a new folder called Gmail Images in your Google Drive and all image attachments are saved in this folder. You can see the results in your Google Drive by choosing My Drive> select Gmail Images.
save gmail attachments to google drive
That’s about how to save your Gmail image attachments to Google Drive. You can find this trick source by visiting the URL included below.