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How to Use Reset PC in Windows 8 to Re-Install Your Windows

April 18, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

how to use reset pc in windows 8 to re-install your Windows

Reset Your PC is a new feature added by Microsoft on Windows 8. With Reset Your PC you can restore your computer back to a default state, which means it will remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and re-install Windows. It’s like doing a factory restore/ recovery on a computer purchased or clean install, but a little faster.

When you reset your PC, the drive will completely reset and you will need to change the settings and re-install all the applications that you want to get back. If you know what files you do not want to lose, then you should back up these files before starting the reset PC. But that does not mean all the files on the drive will be lost, because when do reset PC you will be prompted to delete all files on all drives or only the drive where Windows 8 installed.

How to use Reset PC in Windows 8

  1. Navigate your mouse to the top right corner to display the Charm Bar. Or press Windows + C simultaneously to open Charm Bar, then Select Settings > Change PC Settings.
    change PC settings
  2. Then click the General tab, and look at “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” and click “Get started” to launch it.
    remove everything and reinstall Windows
  3. Once you click the “Get started” button, the system will inform you what will be changed. If you already understand which will be affected, click the next button to continue.
    reset your PC in Windows 8
  4. Then please select one of two options, “Only the drive where Windows is installed” or “All drives”. If you want to maintain all files in drive D, then select the first option, but if you want to clean up all the partitions then select All drives.
    select the drive you want to reset
  5. Select how you want to have your personal files deleted in this current installation of Windows 8.
    how do you want to remove your personal file
  6. Then click the “Reset” button to start the process.
    ready to reset your pc
  7. Windows 8 will start resetting, wait until the process is complete.
    start resetting your pc
  8. Then you will be prompted to enter a Windows 8 product key number. Enter the product key and then click the next button. Or select the skip button if you do not need to enter a product key and you want to use the product key that has built in before.
    enter product key number or skip
  9. You can check the “I accept the license terms for using Windows”, and then click the Accept button.
    accept the license term to use Windows 8
  10. From this point, the next steps are the same as doing a clean install.

If in the middle of reset process you are asked to insert your Windows installation or recovery media to continue, it means you must have a Windows 8 installation DVD or create first Windows 8 System Repair Disk or recovery drive.

Now that you know how to Reset your PC in Windows 8. You will be ready to use it if needed. Leave a comment if you have information to share about this topic.

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