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How to use Refresh PC in Windows 8 to Improve Computer Performance

April 16, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

how to use refresh PC in Windows 8 to improve computer performance

Features Refresh your PC is one of the two ways that you can use as a solution to improve your computer performance. Different on the features of Windows 8 Reset your PC, Refresh PC will not affect your files on the computer.

So, if you take this step, do not worry about losing your data and applications because the system will take care of it all for you. When the process is running, the system will store data and applications in a special place and then re-install all the applications and data to its original location without any changes.

Need to know, when you do a Refresh your PC in Windows 8, here is what will happen:

  • Your personalization settings as well as all your files will not be removed or changed
  • Your PC’s settings will be restored to their defaults
  • Any application that was not installed through the Windows Store will be removed; however those that were installed through the Store will remain.

For more ensure the safety of your data in the computer, we recommend you backup data through Windows 8 System Repair Disk.

How to use Refresh PC in Windows 8

  1. Navigate your mouse to the top right corner to display the Charm Bar. Or press Windows + C simultaneously to open Charm Bar, then Select Settings > Change PC Settings.
    change PC settings
  2. Then click the General tab, and look at “Refresh your PC without affecting your files” and click “Get Started” to launch.
    refresh your PC without affecting your files
  3. Once you click the “Get Started” button, the system will inform you on what will be changed. Click the next button to continue.
    refresh your PC in Windows 8
  4. After clicking the “Next” button, you will be informed that Windows will reboot your system. Click the refresh button to begin the process.
    ready to refresh your PC
  5. The system will restart your PC.
    restarting your PC
  6. When your PC boot back, it will start Refreshing your system. It will take a few minutes to refresh PC is complete, all depending on the condition of your computer.
    preparing to refresh your PCrefreshing your PC

After Refresh your PC is completed, it means you can use your computer back, feel the difference in your computer’s performance before and after Refresh PC done. If performance issues are still an obstacle to your computer, then try the Reset PC.

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