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How to Take a Full Page Screenshot in Firefox

April 10, 2013 By: Jono Category: Web Browser

webpage screenshots screen capture

A computer has a feature print screen (PrtSc) which is called the screenshots. Users can capture desktop screen and then save it into an image. However the print screen has limitations, it can only capture a screenshot of the desktop, no support for full page. Sometimes you need to capture a screenshot of a long web page that requires you to scroll the browser. You need an extension or add-on to take a full page screenshot in Firefox.

One of the tools/ add-on that can be used to take a screenshot of the full page in Firefox called Abduction. This add-on is not only able to capture the full page of a website, but you can also select and capture screenshots in some parts of the web. How to do that? Here is a review on it.

How to use Abduction add-on to take a full page screenshot in Firefox

  1. Get the add-on on this url
  2. Then add it to your Firefox add-on by clicking “Add to Firefox”.
    firefox full page screenshot
  3. Then you are asked to install the software on your computer. If you agree click on the “Allow” button.
    screenshot software
  4. Let the downloading progress, wait until further notice.
  5. If you see the following message, click the “Install Now”.
    install screenshot software
  6. After that, you are asked to restart Firefox by clicking “Restart Now”, because the add-on will be installed after you restart Firefox.
    restart before to screen capture website
  7. After Firefox is running again, you can try to capture a full page of a website. I chose Super-Tnt blog as an experiment, right-click your mouse and click “Save Page As Image…”.
    how to take a full page screenshot
  8. This will bring up a small menu pop at the top of the page, there are 3 options:
    • X-Ray for automatic feature selection
    • Select All to take a screenshot of the full page without exception
    • Save selection button to save the image selection
  9. The selected area is marked with a blue transparent box; use the mouse to make the selection. In this case I chose “Select All” button and then do the “Save selection”, because I want to get a full page screenshots.
    full page screenshot
  10. Then appear Explorer window that asks you to choose a location to save the image, give it a name and click the Save button and you’re done. (From this experiment I get an image with a size of 1.47 MB)

For some reason I cannot display images capture above, you can try it yourself to find out how the end result. I can make sure this add-on works very well, and you can take a full page screenshot in Firefox.

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