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How to Speed up Windows 7 Boot

October 30, 2012 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

how to speed up windows 7 boot

How to speed up Windows 7 boot is easy. Actually the boot speed was strongly influenced by the number of processor and RAM capacity. The higher the number of processor and RAM capacity it will boot faster.

To boot speed can be maximized by changing the settings on Boot Option. In the Boot Option is there are 2 setting, the setting Number of processor and memory Maximum setting, both the core part of the “how to speed up windows 7 boot”. However, to make this over again there are some other settings that must be changed. Continue to follow computer tips and tricks which I will explain here.

How to speed up windows 7 boot

For those who are computer / laptop slow when booting, I have some tips to speed up booting in Windows 7. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open RUN and write msconfig -> enter
  2. Then you will go to the System Configuration. Select the Boot  TAB -> Advance options
    system configuration boot
  3. As I say before, in advance boot option there are 2 main parts, namely Number of processor and Maximum memory. Tick / checklist both.
    boot advance options Then for Number of processor you set the amount that most, whereas for maximum memory can be filled with the amount of RAM you use. Sample RAM 2 GB = 2048. RAM functions here as the amount of memory allocated at startup windows, if you are not sure to use the entire amount of RAM, and then use half of it.
  4. After that press OK.
  5. Still on the System Configuration window, then select the Startup TAB.
    In this section there are a number of applications that are instantly activated when the computer is booting, better if the application essentials that you activate at startup. Examples like this picture,
    system configuration startup For adobe reader, office, etc. I feel no need to enabled at startup, except antivirus and graphics is very important.
  6. For now that’s just two tips, immediately restart your computer and see as a result, compared to the previous one.

After that you can speed up Windows 7 performance using computer tips and tricks that have been discussed in other articles.

If by how to speed up Windows 7 boot above still did not change the state of your computer / laptop at boot, maybe processor and RAM you are using is too small, you can try the latest Intel processor as iCore 5 or iCore7 with more RAM capacity high.

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