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How to Share Large Files Free and Without Registration

March 04, 2013 By: Jono Category: Internet

share large files free and online

Most of us probably already know the limits send files via email (attachment). Gmail limiting send files up to 25 MB, yahoo mail about 20 MB and there are certain files that cannot be sent via e-mail (such as .exe). Then how to share large files free and without registration?

We could split the files into several parts and then upload one by one and ask the recipient to combine them later. But it’s definitely a hassle, not all recipients know how to combine the files. One of the easiest solutions is to use a filesharing service. Simply by upload files using filesharing services website, and when you’re done, we can send the download link to the email destination.

There are many options for filesharing services, but choosing the best is not easy. If the filesharing service is full of lots of advertising, the receiver will be confused where the original download link, do not let them download the wrong file.

To make it easier, here are some options that we can use to upload files and send the download link to the email destination. Here is a list of services that provide free filesharing, without registration and without login (but with the login usually we can get more features).

Although the services rendered smaller than the other (up to 300 MB) but it is very easy to use with a minimalist interface. Suitable if you want to send files less than 300 MB without having to register / login.

Besides uploading files, there is the option to share links to email the owner of files and e-mail recipients, so when the upload is complete, a link of the file directly sent to the recipient.

We can send files up to 5 GB for free and without registration, there is no limit in a month. Link will always be active in a month if at least there is a onetime download.

The service is very simple, once the file is uploaded, it will display a download link that can be sent to email or displayed on the website.

You can send files up to 2 GB, with encryption (256bit AES) for data security. The free version we can only send up to 5 times a month and the download link is active only within 7 days.

The features provided, we can upload files at a time, enter the recipient and the sender e-mail and include the title and the content of the email will be sent to the recipient.

Having a name that is simple, you can send files up to 250MB without registration, without any limitation of the number of uploads per month and the link will be active for 1 month.

The download link is generated shorter than others. We also can directly fill in the recipient’s email.

We can send files up to 5 GB without registration. After the upload, the download a link is provided (for email, web / html and Forum), we also provided a link to delete the file.

The download link will be active if there is a month to download at least one time.

Although in terms of size jumpshare service has a smaller size (maximum of 100 MB per file, and a total of 2 GB / month), but the process is fast and easy sharing features that can make this service as a choice.

After sending, we can see the files that have been uploaded. Link will be active within 2 weeks.

It has been just a service provider that provides the share large files free for online and without registration. If you want more features, such as monitoring the download or edit the content, you can try the service with registration. Because with registration you will get a lot more features, including larger upload size.

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