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How to Set BIOS to Boot from CD/ DVD-ROM

December 26, 2012 By: Jono Category: Installation tips

how to set bios to boot from cd dvd

Inside a computer, there is a system named boot priority which means the boot priority order. How to set BIOS to boot from CD / DVD-ROM is done by moving the boot priorities to CDROM / DVD-ROM.

Usually the default settings for a computer system boot priorities is Hard drive (HDD). So if you want to access the first boot priorities are CDROM / DVD-ROM, so you have to set boot priority in your BIOS. The purpose of this arrangement in order to memory or data that is in the CD/DVD- ROM can be read before reading the Hard Drive. Usually this is done when you want to install Windows OS.

How to set BIOS to boot from CD / DVD-ROM

Different types of BIOS, the different way of setting it up. Below I will explain step by step the initial boot BIOS settings for Phoenix BIOS and AMI BIOS, while for other types of BIOS do not too much different.

  1. Turn on the computer or restart the computer first.
  2. When the computer starts, usually no information to press a certain button in order to enter the BIOS. Press the button a few times to make sure the button has been pressed. Here are examples of some message stating that the key used to enter the BIOS, because each BIOS has a different message:
    • Press DEL to enter BIOS setup (meaning we have to press the Delete key, most PC-desktop using this command)
    • Press F2 for System Utilities (meaning we have to press the F2 key, this is the usual command on the laptop / netbook)
    • In some PC / laptop, maybe with a different key, be sure to check out the initial message that appears.
  3. After entry the BIOS, select the BOOT tab, set the boot priority.
  4. For Phoenix BIOS, set priority to IDE CD for first order (press F5/F6), for results see the following figure.
    phoenix bios boot priority After that, press F10 to save and exit, select Yes. For Phoenix BIOS, just jump to the point 7.
  5. Whereas for AMI BIOS press ENTER to enter the sub screen boot priority.
    ami boot device priority
  6. Then select 1st Boot Device a CD-ROM. As shown below.
    ami 1st boot divice priority After that, press F10 to save and exit, and select Yes.
    ami boot priority
  7. Then set the BIOS to boot from CD / DVD-ROM is complete, then after that it will appear the words “Press Any key to boot from CD ….
    press any key to boot from CD If you want to enter into the bootable CD / DVD-ROM, then press any key on the keyboard, if not just ignore this command.

If the boot priority from CD / DVD-ROM is no longer needed, you should return it to its original setting boot priority, selecting the hard drive as the first boot.

In this way, you can set BIOS to boot from CD/ DVD-ROM. This method is very suitable for those who will do the installation of Windows. While for implement set boot priority to USB Flash drive I will discuss in a later article.

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