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How to Securely Password Protect an Excel File

February 01, 2013 By: Jono Category: Office

how to password protect excel file

How to password protect an excel file – Think if your excel file is opened by someone else and he easily change the content of any text in it. As a solution, MS Excel provides facility protection, so you can lock any existing cells on the worksheet.

After the worksheet is locked, then the formula it used to be hidden automatically when others open it. However, others still can open and print it, but they cannot change the contents of the file. In addition, you can add a password for double security. Here are the steps you should do.

  1. Open your excel file, click and drag the cell that you want to protect. On the ribbon Cells section, click Format > Format Cells.
    protect cells in worksheet
  2. Then it will open a window ‘Custom List’, and then click the ‘Protection’. Put a check in the option ‘Locked’ to lock the cell you have selected. And check the option ‘Hidden’ if you want to hide the formula used. Then click OK.
    protect and lock your cells
  3. Furthermore, in the ribbon select Cells, click Format > Protect Sheet.
    protect sheet in yor excel file
  4. Enter the desired password. You can also set a few things that may be accessed by others in the ‘Allow all users of this worksheet to’. After the setting has been fixed, click Ok.
    protect worksheet and content of locked cells
  5. Enter the password again to proceed it. Make sure you remember the password is entered, because cannot be forgotten password recovery.
    reenter password to protect your cells
  6. To try it, open the excel file, try to change the contents of one cell that has been protected. It will pop up a dialog box which states that the cell is protected.
    dialog box states cell is protected
  7. To open the locked cells, on the ribbon, choose Cells > Format > Unprotect Sheet.
     unprotect sheet in your excel file
  8. Then enter your password, cells that had been locked can be edited again.
    enter password to unprotect your sheet

By the password protect excel file, it will be more secure from the actions of people who are not responsible. And keep in mind, never forget the password that is used, because the password has been entered cannot be recovered.

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