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How to Partition Hard Disk in Windows 7

November 12, 2012 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

how to partition hard disk

How to partition hard disk in Windows 7 can be done without having to use the software help, because Windows 7 has been available in the built-in applications that can be used to partition the hard disk drive. It works like magic partition tool or other application.

Having previously discussed how to increase virtual memory in windows 7, then on computer tips and tricks I will discuss about how to partition your hard disk. Partitioning a hard disk is the actions to map of hard disk space for ease of use. When compared as a home, a house must have a room, a living room, kitchen, etc., as well as the hard disk, it is good to be divided and given the name the volume as needed so it is easily identifiable.

How to partition hard disk in Windows 7

As a practical matter, you can use the following methods to internal hard disk or external hard disk.

  1. First, backup the data on the drive you wish partitioned hard disk to another (external hard disk), in anticipation of fatal mistakes that can result in loss of important documents. But so far, if you follow these steps correctly, data on the drive you want to partition remain secure without the backup.
  2. To get started click Start > right click Computer > Manage.
    manage my computer
  3. On the left select Storage > Disk Management.
    disk management
  4. Next select the drive to be partitioned (modified volume), if you want to partition the internal hard disk then select Disk0, but if it is to be partitioned external hard disk select Disk2.
  5. For example, we assume you want a partitioned drive is drive E on the internal hard disk, then right-click the drive E on Disk0 > Shrink Volume.
    shrink volume
  6. In the dialog window of volume partition, specify large-capacity drives to be partitioned. For example, drive E has a capacity of 22GB, then be partitioned / divided into 2 Drive, the Drive E 10GB and 12GB Drive F. To determine the capacity, look at the picture below.
    shrink volume size So results after the partitioned Drive E will be 10GB and 12GB is unallocated.
    result partition
  7. To make the unallocated into Drive F, then right-click Unallocated > New simple volume > next, and define the capacity, if the capacity is appropriate, just click next, then fill in your drive name in accordance with the desired name and then click next and finish.
    new simple volume If successful, the result will be like the picture below.
    partition finish

So How to partition hard disk in windows 7 can be solved easily, without using software assistance. Look forward to tips and tricks windows 7 other. Final words so from me, please try and good luck.

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