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How to Optimize Computer Performance for Gaming

March 07, 2013 By: Jono Category: Useful software

optimize computer for gaming

For game lovers, faster and responsive computer performance is a must. Without optimal computer performance, playing games will not be fun especially when the game is played is the kind of game that requires graphics performance and memory must be optimal. Here are the tips for optimize computer performance for gaming.

You should try Wise Game Booster. This application works to optimize game performance, memory, processes and service. Applications Wise Game Booster is free, you can update whenever you want and run the application with full features, so the performance of the computer stays up even with a heavy load game.

How to optimize computer performance with Wise Game Booster

  • Run Wise Game Booster on your computer, the application will perform throughout the game listing on the local disk of your computer. Wait listing process is completed so that the entire game is really summed up in the app.
    searching local games
  • After the listing is complete, the application will do the performance tests to analyze the performance of computers on those games.
    testing computer performance
  • After all the above process is completed, you can now see a list of games you have. If anything is missing, please click the ‘Add Game’ and browse to the location of the game. See the bottom, there is a warning ‘Found 9 issues! Please click Optimize All to fix them ‘. By clicking ‘Optimize All’ means that you will do the overall optimization.
    optimizing computer performance with wise game booster
  • Go to the tab menu ‘System Optimizer ‘, on this page you can do the system optimization of the issues identified by the application. Here you can optimize one by one issue or it could be overall. Click the ‘Optimize Now’ to perform optimization on all items there.
    make your computer faster for gaming
  • Then click the tab menu ‘Process Optimizer’, in this menu you can find other applications that are run by computer and memory used, terminate unneeded applications by clicking End Process. With this step the computer automatically will have larger space that gets optimum computer performance when used to play games.
    process optimizer computer performance for gaming
  • Then the last one is ‘Service Optimizer’, the application will provide information to you. If found a service that suggested to close then optimization done by clicking ‘Stop Services’. Be careful in using this facility because if incorrectly can cause the computer stop operating.
    service optimizer computer performance

Playing games are very fun, playing games can also eliminate fatigue and stress, and there is also that make the game as a job and a hobby. Do the optimize computer performance for gaming, in order to make your computer faster for gaming.


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