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How to Open Power User Tasks Menu in Windows 8

May 21, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

how to open power user task menu Windows 8

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, in Windows 8 there is a new menu called Power User Task menu. With that allows you to quick access to the various power user functions in Windows 8. Of course, it makes users more easily and quickly performs advanced tasks in Windows 8. Here will show you how to open a Power User Tasks menu with quick links.

Option 1: How to open Power User Task menu via keyboard shortcuts

To open up the Power Users Task Menu, press the Windows + X keys and release. Then the Power User Task Menu will open in the lower left corner of your main screen.
power user tasks menu
Then press ALT, then you will see the available underlined letters. Then to access one of them, press ALT + underlined letter. See the picture below.
For Example: ALT + P to open Control Panel.
access one of the power user task menu

Option 2: How to open Power User Task menu via the pop-up thumbnail

Hover your mouse cursor over the lower left corner of the screen until you see the thumbnail pop-up appears, and then right click on the thumbnail pop-up and the Power Users Task menu will appear.
how to open power user task menu
To access one of the tasks, click on which one you want and you will automatically redirect to the new window.
open power user task menu
If the steps for how to open Power User Tasks Menu above does not work well when you try it from any location, it means that you have not opened any applications from the Start screen. Go to the desktop and try the above steps again.

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