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How to Maximize Laptop Battery Life

December 23, 2012 By: Jono Category: Hardware

how to maximize laptop battery life

How to maximize laptop battery life is needed when you’re traveling to a public place, such as cafe or mall. Running out of battery so often occurs during your traveling. But you can try some of these tips to conserve battery power on your laptop/notebook.

These tips will not be useful if the battery from your laptop was old or his condition was not possible. There is no way other than to replace the old battery with a new one. For another, the laptop battery condition is normal, can try these exciting tips.

To maximize laptop battery life, it is important to first understand how the actual performance of the battery and anywhere power is applied. By understanding this, you will be able to determine the steps to be done in order to save your laptop battery.

What drains your laptop battery

battery power save diagramMicrosoft, through Windows 7 Engineering blog has compiled a very useful diagram to know where the flow of electricity in your laptop running. In the diagram, you can see the LCD screen is the most devices consume a lot of energy from the battery. By looking at the diagram, it can assist in maximizing battery life.



Power Plan Settings

battery power save plan settingsThe first thing you should do to save energy is: change settings for the plan to power saver, set your laptop screen will turn off automatically when not in use (see the diagram once again, the LCD screen is the most wasteful power) and set the sleep time.

Next, do the efficiency of other devices such as how long a hard drive stops when there is no data transfer, saving power for Wi-Fi, processor, graphics card and other devices. You can also determine when the fan of the laptop will be on, whether it remains at the default (following the performance of the operating system) or according to what you want (in some conditions will slow down the performance of the laptop) will certainly save more battery from your laptop.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

battery power save screenIn accordance with that shown in the diagram, the most important thing of all is to save power on the screen. You can make savings by controlling the light emitted from the laptop screen, reducing the light to a limited extent where you can still see screen of yours laptop. Although important, it is not recommended for those of you who have a vision disease. Although importantly, do not sacrifice your eyes just too efficient use of laptop battery. Make sure that your power plan is set to turn off the display quickly when your laptop is idle, and don’t use any fancy screensavers that overuse the graphics capabilities of your laptop.

Optimize Your Hardware

battery power save deviceTurn off devices that are not used but are still active, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN cards and others. Try to avoid the use of external devices are like an external hard drive, flash disk or other USB device because some of the devices, it is draining the durability of your laptop battery.



Optimize Your Software

battery power save aerofoilIn addition to hardware, software sometimes also is the cause of your laptop does not last long when lit. Moreover, if your laptop many applications running in the background (applications are still running but not visible on screen) the actual application is not required. For those who are used to tamper with the system, you can easily turn off the useless applications. However, for those who are not familiar be difficult to find ways to shut down the application. This can be overcome by using an aerofoil software that can help you to resolve. Aerofoil is software to help you manage the applications that run on your laptop and can help you to save your laptop battery.

Use Hibernate Mode

battery power save hibernateOne more step you need to do to save the battery, try to use Hibernate mode if your laptop is not in use. Hibernate mode does not completely turn off your laptop, but this is a good choice if you do not use your laptop without having to turn off applications that you previously used.

As an additional step how to maximize laptop battery life, you need to extend laptop battery life, because it is basically the old laptop battery makes battery durability and quality goes down.

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