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How to Login to Multiple Accounts on the Same Browser

April 14, 2013 By: Jono Category: Web Browser

multifox addon

Have more than 2 Gmail accounts, Yahoo accounts and Facebook accounts is never an issue. But, when you are logged in to a website in one instance, you won’t be able to login to the same website using another account, even if you open a new tab or window.

But you do not have to worry about it; you can use a Firefox add-on named the Multifox. Multifox have unique capabilities, users can log in to multiple accounts (of the same website) on the same browser.

How to login to multiple accounts on the same browser with simultaneously

Here are the steps when I use Multifox to access multiple accounts on the same browser with simultaneously.

  1. Get this add-on in this URL.
  2. Select the appropriate version Multifox with your Firefox version, do not wrong because the add-on will not work or even be rejected by the system.
    add multifox to your firefox
  3. Then you are asked to install the software on your computer. If you agree click on the “Allow” button.
    allow to install multifox on your computer
  4. Let the downloading progress, wait until further notice.
  5. If you see the following message, click the “Install Now”.
    install firefox add-ons
  6. After that, you are asked to restart Firefox by clicking “Restart Now”, because the add-on will be installed after you restart Firefox.
    multifox will be installed after restart firefox
  7. After Firefox is running again, as an experiment I chose to login to 2 different Facebook accounts simultaneously using a Firefox.
  8. Having successfully logged into Facebook, look at the email address is on your Firefox navigation bar, the address represents the first account (called A).
    log in to first account
  9. To log in to second Facebook account (called B), open a new tab in the same browser window. On the new tab page you still look the “A” account. Then click “Add Account”, the browser will automatically logout from “A” account and you can login to your “B” account (but in the old tab still log in “A” account).
    add account to multifox
  10. After logging into your “B” account, look at the navigation bar, there are 2 email addresses.
    login to multiple accounts on the same browser
  11. Currently in the first tab you have logged in with “A” account and in second tab you have logged into your “B” account. You can repeat the steps to add another account on the same website.
    login to multiple accounts on the same website

This add-on is very helpful in my work, now to login to multiple accounts on the same browser is not impossible. You can use an add-on to login to different accounts you have, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and others.

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