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How to Install WordPress with Softaculous

February 22, 2013 By: Jono Category: Wordpress tricks

install wordpress cpanel

How to install WordPress with Softaculous – Hosting providers generally provide software to facilitate users to access their own hosting. All software is managed in a control panel. The most popular control panel is cPanel, in the cPanel there are many plugins / software which functions to operate the hosting.

One plugin / software is the auto installer, such as Softaculous and Fantastico. On this occasion I will discuss more about the use of Softaculous. With Softaculous, you can install a variety of Web CMS easily and quickly, they are such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, phpBB, Drupal and many others. This way is very suitable for those who are learning to make a website.

One of the most commonly used CMS is WordPress, because its use is more convenient and familiar. Therefore, I will discuss about how to install WordPress with Softaculous.

How to install WordPress with Softaculous

  1. Please login first to your own cPanel hosting account.
  2. Find Softaculous on the menu Software / Services.
    how to install wordpress with softaculous
  3. Then it will display a variety of CMS that you can use, select WordPress and click install.
    wordpress content management systems
  4. Will display the installation form, please fill as requested. If all the data is correct, end by clicking Install WordPress.
    • Software Setup
      Choose Protocol: Select the protocol type of your domain. Do you want to use the WWW or without WWW.
      Choose Domain: Choose a domain that will be installed.
      In Directory: Leave it blank if you want to install on the main domain.
      Database Name: Fill the database name you want, or just ignore it with the default settings.
      softaculous software setup
    • Database Settings
      Table Prefix: Fill the name of the table you want, or let it default.
      wordpress database settings
    • Site Settings
      Site Name: Enter title of your blog.
      Site Description: Enter a description of your blog.
      Enable multisite (WPMU): Leave it blank if you do not want to install multisite.
      wordpress site settings
    • Admin Account
      Admin Username: Enter your desired username.
      Admin Password: Enter the password to be used.
      Admin Email: Enter your email address.
      wordpress admin account
    • Choose Language
      Select Language: Select the language to be used.
      Installation Email details to: Enter your email address for notification of the detail installation process.
      wordpress support language
  5. Please check your email to see the details of entire data installation. Here’s an example of an email notification that will be sent to you.
    wordpress email installation details
  6. After that, please log in to your WordPress account using the details have been sent to your email. After that, published an article according to SEO On page, for ease get visitors to your blog.

How to install WordPress using Softaculous, the installation process will be quick and easy. However, not all hosting provided Fantastico or Softaculous. Therefore, before you buy a hosting read carefully the existing facilities or asks before to the hosting provider.

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