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How to Install Windows 8 Step by Step

April 20, 2013 By: Jono Category: Installation tips

how to install windows 8 step by step

Microsoft released its latest operating system is Windows 8. The windows 8 operating system has many updates from previous versions Windows 7. For those of you who want to try it, maybe a tutorial on how to install Windows 8 can be a user guide.

Windows 8 is so new and different. Windows 8 has a beautiful new Start screen with tiles that show you at a glance what’s going on with your apps and friends. The new design is specific to graphic features, so that it can be used by touchscreen devices. To install Windows 8 on your computer, please follow the instructions below.

How to install Windows 8 on your Computer

  1. First you have to set the computer to boot from your Windows 8 installation (DVD / USB drive).
  2. Select your language preferences, and click the Next button to continue.
    select language for Windows 8 installation
  3. Click on Install Now button to start installing Windows 8.
    install Windows 8
  4. Enter your product key number, and then click the Next button. If the computer you have is an OEM computer that came with Windows 8 installed, your product key is stored in the UEFI / BIOS firmware chips and will be automatically detected instead.
    enter windows 8 product key number
  5. Put a check in the box side I accept the license terms, and then click the Next button.
    accept the Windows 8 license terms
  6. There are two installation options; Upgrade and Custom. Select the Custom: Install Windows Only (advanced) option.
    Windows 8 installation type
  7. Select the hard drive or partition you want to use to install Windows 8. Next click on Drive Options (advanced) link.
    Windows 8 installation location
  8. If the hard drive you will use has not been partitioned, click New to create a drive partition. If the partition is made ​​click Format it.
    drive partitions for install Windows 8
  9. Windows 8 Installation will now begin. During the installation process, your screen will flash and computer will restart several times to finish installing Windows.
    process installing Windows 8
  10. When you get to this point, pick a background color you like and give your PC a name as you want. But, you’ll be Able to personalize more later. Then click the Next button.
    Windows 8 personalize settings
  11. At the session of Settings, we recommended you to select the Use express settings. Or you may choose Custom to do manual settings.
    use express settings installation
  12. Click the Sign in without a Microsoft account link to install Windows using your Local account.
    sign in whitout a microsoft account
  13. You have two options to sign in to your PC. Microsoft account and Local account.
    • Select the sign in to your PC’s with Microsoft account if you want to connect between the PC and Microsoft email address.
    • Select the sign in with a Local account if you want to use a user account.

    sign in with local account

  14. If you choose the local account, then type in the username, password, and password hint for your user account. And click the Finish button to continue.
    create username and password
  15. Now Windows 8 will prepare PC for your local administrator user account, continued by short tutorial and default application installation process. When it’s finished, Welcome to Windows 8.
    wellcome to Windows 8

That’s the step by step tutorial on how to install Windows 8. After the installation is complete, now you can enjoy the new features of Windows 8. If you are a new user of Windows 8, may be unfamiliar with the new look. You can get Windows 8 tips on this site.

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