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How to Install Windows 7 Step by Step

December 29, 2012 By: Jono Category: Installation tips

how to install windows 7 step by step

How to install Windows 7 step by step needed for the person who has never been to install Windows on the computer. So I will write a guide on this blog a step by step and equipped with pictures.

The steps that I will give and explain its use compatible with using a CD / DVD or use a USB stick. Just need to set the boot priority, according to what you use. This guide supports to users laptop or desktop PC both 32bit and 64bit.

How to install windows 7 from CD / DVD / USB flash drive

Here is explained how to install windows 7 start from the beginning and is perfect for beginners who had never before installing Windows. So do not be afraid of the wrong or error because if you follow these steps correctly will work.

  1. Choose which you will use to install Windows 7, be it CD / DVD / USB stick.
  2. Set the boot priority according to use, if you do not understand about setting boot priority please read first,
  3. Ok, considered to have read and be able to do it.

Here’s How to install windows 7 Step by step

  1. If it says “press any key to boot from ….” Please press any key. It will appear Windows is loading files.
  2. Select a language, time zone and input method, and then click next.
    How to install windows 7 step-1
  3. Click install now.
  4. Put a check / checklist in the “I accept the license terms” and click next.
  5. Select the upgrade if you just want to upgrade. Select custom if you want to install / reinstall windows.
  6. Please partitioned first, if the drive does not have a partition. If you’ve done the previous drive partition, and want to reinstall Windows then select drive:C, and then click the drive option> do format drive C. Then click next.
    How to install windows 7 step-2
  7. Install process will run. Beginning from copying the windows files.
  8. The process of Expanding Windows files.
  9. The process of Installing feature.
  10. The process of Installing updates.
    How to install windows 7 step-3
  11. Then wait for 5 seconds and the windows will begin the restart process.
  12. The process of starting Windows.
  13. Setup is updating registry settings.
  14. And continued with the Completing installation.
    How to install windows 7 step-4
  15. Then automatically restart again, if there is a command “press any key to boot from ….” Do not press anything let alone.
  16. Setup is preparing your computer for first use.
  17. Setup is checking video performance.
  18. When setup windows appear please use the username, computer name will then automatically be added as well.
    How to install windows 7 step-5
  19. If you want to add a password for your account please fill out, if not just click next.
  20. Then continue by completing the product key or just click next if you want to put it later after the installation is complete.
  21. Select the options you want for Windows Update.
  22. Select the time zone, set date and time.
    How to install windows 7 step-6
  23. If you are connected to an internet connection then select the home network, if you do not use the internet connection click close.
  24. The connection process will continue.
  25. The process of final completion set up windows.
  26. Load the Welcome.
    How to install windows 7 step-7
  27. Preparing your desktop
  28. Installation process is complete, the next is to improve yours speed up windows 7 performance.
Source: Cara install windows 7 step by step (from, lang:id)

For the process of how to install windows 7 step by step is completed, the process above is excerpted Windows 7 installation process documentation as a whole (from beginning to end). The most must be considered is point.6, there are decisive and there also allows the error occurred.

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