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How to Install Google Fonts to Your Computer

April 12, 2013 By: Jono Category: Installation tips

how to install google fonts to your computer

A font is a set of printable or displayable text characters in a specific style and size. The type design for a set of fonts is the typeface and variations of this design from the typeface family. A sentence will look attractive depending on the font used.

By default Microsoft has included hundreds of fonts that you can use when writing a document or other. However, sometimes the fonts provided by Microsoft are not in accordance with user preferences. If you need other typeface variations, try the services provided by Google called Google Fonts. You are free to choose and download a unique and attractive typeface for free, and then you can install them to your computer.

How to install Google fonts to your computer

Follow these steps below to install Google fonts to your computer.

  1. First visit Google Web Fonts service.
  2. Type a word to see a preview of the font. To view the most popular font types, please click the drop down menu and select Trending Sorting, or select Sorting to your liking. Scroll down to select the type of font that you like, if you’ve found them, please click the “Add to Collection”. This action will save the font of your choice in the collection folder.
    select and add google font to collection
  3. If all of the fonts that you want already entered into the collection folder, to download them / collection, click “download button” on the menu at the top right.
    download google fonts collections
  4. Then pop-up window will appear as shown below, click “Download the font families in your Collection as a zip-file”. And your computer will download all the font is in the folder collection.
    google fonts collection
  5. Extract the files that you have downloaded, and then double-click on the font to be installed. Then click “Install” and wait until the installation is complete, then close the window.
    install google fonts to your computer
  6. Now run the test, open the Word Document or Paint application on your computer, type a sentence and then change the font type of sentence (use the font you recently installed), look at the changes in that sentence.
    test google fonts

It is easy to install Google font to your computer. If you need another font, do it again the steps above. Many types of ‘Google fonts’ you can explore, so you can produce the text style better and interesting.

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