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How to Increase WiFi Signal with a Small Charge

December 15, 2012 By: Jono Category: Internet

how to increase wifi signal

How to increase WiFi signal is required when the Wi-Fi signal is obtained from access point is too weak so that your internet connection is weak and frequently interrupted by itself. It is caused by many things, among them, the access point that is weak, stymied by a wall (or other object causing obstruction of the signal) or because of the age of the access point so that decrease the quality of these devices.

To overcome this, the best way is to buy a new Access Point device has better performance than the devices replaced. With the new device, guaranteed WiFi signal beam will coverage further and will improve the network connection and your internet connection is faster than ever.

However, the way is not an effective way because it requires extra cost of buying a new Access Point device, especially for those of you currently do not have the money.

Then, if there are other effective ways, which only cost a little? The answer is “yes there is”!

How to Increase WiFi Signal with a Small Charge ?

Look at the video below:

How to make a WiFi extender by BrianG8

The principle of work and a little review of the manufacture of WiFi signal booster you can see below.

How to make a Cheap WiFi Antenna Booster by revision 3

Complete tutorial creation WiFi signal booster that radiated from the access point that you can see below.

Building a parabolic WiFi booster by TechAnvil

How to increase WiFi signal from the Access Point is easy. With a small charge (buy Aluminum Foil) you can make a WiFi signal booster from the Access Point to become stronger. Good luck friend…

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