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How to Increase Virtual Memory in Windows 7

November 17, 2012 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

how to increase virtual memory

One way to speed up Windows 7 performance is how to increase virtual memory in windows 7 it. Virtual memory will be accessed as an additional memory taken from space Hard disk.

Windows provides this facility to support or improve the performance of Windows 7. By default windows allocate space on the hard disk, but the allocation of space can be set manually to further augment the virtual memory of your computer. Later this virtual memory is used by the Windows 7 system automatically if the physical memory (RAM) has been fully used by the Windows system.

How to increase virtual memory in windows 7

  1. Open My Computer (Windows + E).
  2. After the window opens, click the System Properties are located in the upper left corner. Or it can simply by pressing the shortcut Windows + Pause Break.
    windows system properties
  3. Then select Advanced system settings.
    advanced system settings
  4. Then you will be taken to the System Properties page, select the Advanced tab. In the Performance section click Settings.
    advanced performance settings
  5. Later in the Performance Options page, select the Advanced tab and click on the column change Virtual memory.
    virtual memory change
  6. In this section Virtual memory modification, by removing the (check box) on the Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers. Click the Custom Size and enter the capacity to be used for virtual memory. Then click set.
    virtual memory custom size Normal memory capacity used was initial capacity of 2 times the size of internal memory and 4 times the internal memory on the maximum size. For example, if the RAM on your computer / notebook capacity is 1GB then you should set the 2GB at the Initial size and 4-fold in the Maximum size.
  7. Once everything has been completed correctly and then clicks Ok. Then try to restart your computer to ensure that the Virtual memory really changed.

Need to know, if the internal memory is used too small (far from normal capacity) do not expect that these computer tips and tricks can help improve the performance of your windows 7. This trick works if your computer is still running normally and needs a little tweaking.

How to increase virtual memory in Windows 7 is an alternative way, if you want a computer / notebook you work faster, buy internal memory with a capacity greater than ever is the best choice.

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