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How to Improve Computer Performance with ReadyBoost

February 13, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

improve computer performance

How to improve computer performance with simple and not complicated. The easiest thing is to use Windows ReadyBoost. Utilizing the USB flash disk as additional memory resources. USB flash disk here will be used by Windows ReadyBoost to improve performance of the computer.

ReadyBoost is a feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that aims to exploit the USB Flash Disk into additional memory. Of course this is very practical and economical, because we know the price of USB Flash Disk cheaper than memory. This could be an alternative way if you do not have the funds to buy an internal memory. How to implement it? You can follow these steps below.

How to improve computer performance using a USB flash disk

  1. Plug the USB Flash Drive into your computer, usually after it the AutoPlay window will appear. Click the ‘Speed ​​up my system’.
    speed up my system using windows readyboost If after plugging in USB flash disk, AutoPlay window does not appear, then you must open Windows Explorer and right-click on the USB Flash Disk Drive and click Properties.
    removable disk properties
  2. After the new window appears, go to the ReadyBoost tab, select Use this device. You can use the free space on the USB flash disk as a space to reserve for system speed when your internal memory overflows. Then click Apply. If you have already clicked OK.
    how to improve computer performance with readyboost
  3. So the USB Flash Disk is ready to serve as additional memory. Consider the following figure.
    improve computer performance with flash disk

I use a USB Flash Disk 4G for my daily use, and the results are felt, especially when running heavy applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel, or playing games.

Especially for users of Windows 7, you can plug in up to 8 USB Flash Disk at once to be used for ReadyBoost (up to 256G additional memory). How to improve computer performance, this is not a problem anymore for you.

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