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How to Extend Laptop Battery Life

December 19, 2012 By: Jono Category: Hardware

how to extend laptop battery life

Before discussing on how to extend laptop battery life, you should know that the rechargeable battery consists of several types. The most commonly used for general electronic items are Nickel-based (NiCd), and Lithium based (Lithium-ion).

For laptops, this time could certainly all use Lithium-ion type. Due to the ability to store greater power, Lithium-ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly than NiCd batteries (highly toxic). Not just a laptop, other electronic devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras also use Lithium-ion batteries now. So the tips below can be applied to your gadgets that use Lithium-ion battery type.

For first time use, charge the battery normally. You should know that, recharge the batteries at least 8 hours for the initial charge, applies only to the type of Nickel-based batteries (NiCd). For Lithium-ion battery, charging is carried out for 2 to 3 hours. In fact, if charged for too long can lead to overcharging, can make a shorter battery life.

70 percent battery capacityCharging batteries routinely in short time intervals or without having to wait until the battery is empty. Lithium-ion batteries are not familiar with the phenomenon of “memory effect” like NiCd batteries. In fact the results showed that, the battery is often charged when capacity is still 70% – 75%, durability capable of 5-6 times longer than the batteries that are charged when the capacity is almost empty.


Keep the temperature is not too hot. High temperatures will increase the degradation of cells in the battery. For that, keep your laptop in a dry and cool and protected from direct sunlight. The habit of putting the laptop in the car under the sun should be avoided, if you do not want the battery life is reduced drastically.

laptop coolpadSet the air circulation fixed smoothly. Avoid putting your laptop on a mattress or pillow, as this will interfere with air circulation can cause the laptop to heat faster. The most practical way is to use a cool pad (laptop cooler). Cool pad is a simple equipment with low prices, but very useful, especially to keep the temperature of the laptop to keep it cool. Moreover after using the laptop, the laptop should be silenced for a while, so the laptop is cold when put into the bag.

40 percent battery capacityIf the battery is not used in a long time, store it in a dry and cool with a battery capacity of 40%. There is a study that compared the battery, which is stored in a battery capacity of 40% and stored in 100% capacity. As a result, the stored battery with a capacity of 100% experience loss of capacity greater than 40%.


Use a laptop with energy-saving settings. With the energy savings, the laptop battery life can last longer. There are several ways to save battery life, all of which have been discussed in the article Battery Saving Tips on Notebook / Laptop.

With tips on how to extend laptop battery life, it can be increase the performance of your laptop battery. Incorrect use can damage the cells inside the battery, so the ability to store energy is reduced.

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