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How to Delete Windows.old Folder in Windows 8

April 28, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

how to delete windows.old Windows 8

When you perform refresh Windows 8, upgrade to Windows 8, or custom install Windows 8 on the same drive partition without formatting the drive previous Windows installation, then you will have a Windows.old folder on your new Windows 8 installation. Windows.old folder contains a copy of previous Windows installation, and it is large in size.

The system provides the Windows.old folder for you who forget to backup important files before upgrading or installing Windows 8. Therefore, before you delete Windows.old folder from your computer make sure to copy any files that you may want to get out of the Windows.old folder.

How to Delete Windows.old Folder System

Windows.old is the Windows system folder, and it cannot be deleted using “Shift + Delete”. And Windows does not provide a utility to help you to get rid of this folder. Here are the ways that you can do to remove the Windows.old folder:

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog. Type cleanmgr and press Enter to open the Disk Clean utility.
  2. Select the drive where Windows 8 is installed, and click OK button.
    *You will not see this window if you only have one drive (no partitions) on your computer.
    select drive you want to cleanup
  3. In the next window, click on the button “Clean Up System Files”.
    delete Windows.old folder
  4. The utility will re-scan the drive C:, when the Disk Cleanup window opens again, then there is a new option that says “Previous Windows installation”, tick the option and click the Ok button.
    remove Windows.old
  5. Then it asks you “Are you sure want to permanently delete these files?” click on the Delete Files button.
    delete Windows.old folder
  6. Cleanup process will take a few minutes. Wait until the process is completely finished.
    process delete Windows.old folder

If after doing the above steps to delete Windows.old, but you still see the Windows.old folder on your computer after the process is over, make sure to reboot your system.

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