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How to Create a Password Reset Disk Windows 7

February 10, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

create a password reset disk

You would be looking for how to create a password reset disk windows 7, when you lose the password to login to your computer. Think, if you cannot get into your own computer as an administrator user, this would be very inconvenient.

Creating users and applying the ‘user control’ and parental function is highly recommended, especially for those who have a computer with users more than 2 people. By using this feature you can easily disable certain programs and hide your private data from the other users. But what would you do if you suddenly forgot user password on your own? The solution is; create a password reset disk by using a USB flash disk.

How to create a password reset disk in Windows 7

Feature to create a password reset disk is actually already prepared by Microsoft, but not many people know how to use it. On this occasion I will give practical guidance to create a password reset disk in Windows 7.

  1. Before doing this experiment, make sure that the USB flash disk have connected to the computer properly.
  2. Then click the Start button and type reset as a keyword in the search box, wait a few moments until a few link options, find the ‘Create a password reset disk’ and click that.
    create a password reset disk
  3. Then you will see a new window called ‘Forgotten Password Wizard’, click Next to continue.
    how to create a password reset disk windows 7
  4. Next, create a password key disk in the Removable Disk (USB Flash disk). Then the wizard will save password information about your user account on the Removable Disk (USB Flash Disk). Then click next.
    create a password reset disk to removable disk
  5. You’ll still see the same window but with a different look, at this time you are required to fill a user password that you currently use, if there is no password, leave it blank. Then click Next to continue the process of creating a password reset disk. Wait until the process is complete, the computer will tell you when creating a password reset has been successfully done.
    insert current user account password
  6. Once the process is complete, you can save your flash disk and make sure that it will not be lost or re-formatted. Because if it was happening, the recovery file that you create will be lost and you will not be able to use the flash disk as reseter.

How to reset the password on the computer user account

If one day you really forget the password, then you need to do:

  1. Connect a USB flash disk and turn the computer as usual.
  2. At the user icon appears, click Reset Password, and if the link does not appear try to enter any password.
    reset your user password windows 7
  3. Then click the Next button when the wizard window appears, select the USB disk reset password of your choice and click Next
  4. Lastly, enter the new password and hint for your users. Finish!

There are some things to know about the trick how to create a password reset disk Windows 7. The first one you can just use the password reset that is stored in the flash disk on the same computer. The second, the flash disk can be used many times over the data in the flash disk is not lost and still on the same computer.

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