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How to Create a Hyperlink in MS Word

January 29, 2013 By: Jono Category: Office

how to create a hyperlink in word

Revealing, how to create a hyperlink in MS Word. If you know beforehand Hyperlink in MS Word it is only used to include a website link, now this time will discuss the functionality and implementation of Hyperlink in MS Word.

Previously I only discuss about how to change the background color in MS Word, but this time the discussion more useful for those of you who are using MS Word as a sheet of media work. Hyperlink is an easy solution for you to display a document or element outside an existing document (has been made before). In Word 2010, you can insert a Hyperlink that refers to the title, file, page, website links, and so on.

How to create a Hyperlink in MS Word 2010

  1. Open a document. To create a Hyperlink, then selection a word or more, then right click and select Hyperlink.
    how to create a hyperlink
  2. If you want Hyperlink connect with other files (other than MS Word), then click the option ‘Exiting File or Web Page’. Browse the file you want to make the Hyperlink, see address at the bottom, what is in accordance with the files you have selected? In this example file used is Excel file. Click OK if true.
    create hyperlink to existing file
  3. After Hyperlink created, to access them press the Ctrl key and click on the sentence that was given Hyperlink.
    create a hyperlink to excel
  4. In addition, Hyperlinks can also function as a bookmark. You can use it to jump to a title found on other pages in the same document. Before you create a Hyperlink to a heading, make sure that your document already has a title with Heading style format. Consider the following figure.
    create headings in docoment
  5. Do the same thing as in step 1. In the insert Hyperlink window, click the option ‘Place in this Document’. Then select a heading in the document. Then click OK.
    create hyperlink to a heading To access it, do the same as step 3. If you click the Hyperlink, the cursor will automatically jump to the heading that you have previously set.
  6. Hyperlinks can also be used to create a new document. In the insert Hyperlink window click the ‘Create New Document’. Then in the ‘Name of New Document’, write the name of the document file. Continue by selecting ‘Edit the new document now’. Then click OK.
    hyperlink to create a new document If the Hyperlink is clicked, then a new window will appear with a new document is ready for use.
  7. The last is Hyperlink to create an email. In the insert Hyperlink window, click the ‘E-mail Address’. Type the recipient’s email address in the ‘E-mail Address’ and complete the subject.
    create a hyperlink to send email address Click on the words that given the Hyperlinks to access it, it will show a window of MS Outlook (in part to send email).

For those of you who are using MS Word as a worksheet, and of course you have to know how to create a hyperlink in MS Word. The purpose of a Hyperlink is to the efficiency of the work.

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