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How to Change Windows 8 Start Screen Background

May 08, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

change Windows 8 start screen background

Here you can find about the Windows 8 user interface and how to change Windows 8 start screen background. Basically this is a very easy thing, but if you are new in Windows 8 may be difficult.

To be a master Windows 8 user interface requires some knowledge about how to handle a hex color value and offset hex in editor. However, you can also change the background color of the Windows 8 start screen through manual editing. It is not difficult for anyone. Even so, I will try to describe it step by step.

How to change Start Screen background and Sign in screen color in Windows 8

First you needed to open Charm Bar and click “Settings” in the menu or press Windows + I for shortcut.

Windows 8 change start screen


Then click “Change PC Settings” in the new window that appears.

how to change Windows 8 start screen background


Click “Personalize” in the left pane, and the “Start Screen” in the right pane. Choose an image from the images available for Start Screen background and select the color for Sign In screen.

Windows 8 start screen background

* Colors and images that you choose will only be applied to your start and sign in screen, not for all user accounts on your computer.

Tips on how to change Windows 8 start screen background is very simple, but many users were confused because the user interface designed by Microsoft for Windows 8 is vastly different than in Windows 7.

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