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How to Change IP address to Another Country

December 08, 2012 By: Jono Category: Internet

hide ip adress

Sometimes change IP address to another country is needed, of course, a variety of reasons and constraints. Therefore here I will be sharing how to change your IP address to another country.

When talking about the IP address not complete if does not discuss the DNS server. Because in addition IP address, DNS server in a network can also be changed. But to shorten the posts about how to change the IP address to another country, then to change the DNS server, I discuss in detail how to change the DNS server article.

Some of the reasons that make people hide IP address:

  1. Due to the number of Internet businesses that only support to foreign IP.
    For example are advertiser twitter and many more other Internet business.
  2. A way to speed up internet connection.
  3. To do download a file can only be downloaded through the IP address of specific state.
  4. To hide the identity, location and user state
  5. Because his own IP address has been blacklisted on specific website
  6. And many other reasons

However, changing the IP address be abused, for example, to cheat or have committed a crime. For that, I will share how to change IP address to another country, but it does not mean I teach you to do the forbidden.

So how to change IP address to another country for free?

I suggest you to follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Its use to find the IP port proxies for free.
  2. After hidemyass page opens, select the IP: Port Proxies.
     how to change ip address to another country
  3. Then uncheck all countries and select Proxy Country that you want, for example I select U.S. (United States). After that, uncheck the slow and medium in the “speed” and “connection time“. After that, please click Update Result.
    proxy by country So, free proxy ip list according to the country you selected will be displayed.
  4. Then, after a list of IP addresses appear, select the IP address you want. Recommendation from me, select the IP address that has port 8080 (I’ve tried other ports but mostly error). Try to find the speed and connection time its full (look for the green color is more dominant), because it affects the speed of the connection. For example, I use the IP address
    free proxy ip list by country
  5. Then change the IP address through a browser. Is to open Firefox, click on Firefox > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual proxy configuration. Consider the following figure,
    manual proxy configuration firefox
  6. Click OK when done.
  7. Then check the IP location in, and see the results. IP addresses are from United Stat, California region.
    check ip location

Here is a video documentation on How to Change the IP address to Another Country.

For an instant, you can try the second video tutorial.

Ok, it’s from me about how to change IP address to another country, may be useful. Remember message from me “I shared this way does not mean I teach you to do the forbidden” play it safe.

8 Comments to “How to Change IP address to Another Country”

  1. Mr.Hostile says:

    I tryed and no change IP is the same and country is the same :(

  2. Mr.Hostile says:

    I even tryed Super Hide IP and was unable to open eny site

  3. Hi, when I changed did exactly how it i shown in the video, I was unable to open any site. How to solve this problem? Maybe it has something to do with firewall? Thanks

    • aganjono says:

      Firewall has no effect at all, you just select the IP addresses that have port 8080.
      Please try again.

  4. thanks for this tips to change
    my ip address.

  5. thanks…. it worked but not anymore.
    I’m compromised… Anything else?

  6. thanks…. it worked but not anymore.
    I’m compromised… Anything else?


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