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How to Addon Domains in cPanel

February 26, 2013 By: Jono Category: Wordpress tricks

how to add on domain in cpanel

Addon Domain is existing facilities in cPanel to add a domain on a hosting. The hosting package can have more than one domain, depending on the number of limits has given. So, how to addon domains in cPanel ?

Before adding your domain to the hosting, check first what the maximum number of domains that can be added to hosting you use. Actually, there’s also a hosting provider that provides unlimited addon domains. An example is that I use.

Now, How to addon domain in cPanel ?

Here are the steps you have to do to add a domain in cPanel.

  1. First of all, change domain name server with hosting name server to be used.
  2. Log in to your cPanel account, in the domains menu select Addon Domains icon.
    addon domains
  3. Complete data on the form provided. If it is correct, click Add Domain.
    addon domains cpanel

    • New domain Name: enter the domain name that you want to add.
    • Subdomain / FTP Username: usually filled automatically after you enter the domain name.
    • Document Root: usually filled automatically after you enter the domain name.
    • Password: enter your password.
    • Password (Again): re-enter your password.
  4. If successful, it appears the notice ‘The addon domain has been created’.

After you have successfully added domain to the hosting you use, the next step is to install the CMS for the domain. Recommendation from me, you better use WordPress CMS, because its use is more convenient and familiar. Many tutorials discuss about it. So when you have difficulties, you can easily find the desired solution. Here’s an article about how to install WordPress, you can learn from it.

Note on how to addon domain in cPanel. If on one hosting package already contained multiple domains, then you must know the capability of hosting. Because if forced, the available bandwidth may not be able to accommodate the number of domains that already exist, then you use a server goes down.

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