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How to add Windows 8 Safe Mode to Windows Boot Manager

May 14, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 8

how to add Windows 8 safe mode in boot

Safe Mode is the default Windows facilities provided for troubleshooting options or diagnostic which load a series of drives and processes adequate to run Windows. With safe mode, allowing users to find the root cause of the problem so it is easy to implement necessary repairs, including hardware and software. Then, how to add Windows 8 Safe Mode to Windows Boot Manager?

Unlike previous versions of Windows, where people can enable /disable Safe Mode easily. Windows 8 requires users to manually activate the Safe Mode Boot options through the command prompt. This will show you how to add Windows 8 Safe Mode to Windows Boot Manager to be easily used.

Add Windows 8 Safe Mode to Windows Boot Manager

  1. The first step is run the Elevated Command Prompt by clicking Power User Tasks Menu and click Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type bcdedit /enum /v and press Enter, see the results in the following picture.
    bcdedit Windows 8 safe mode
  3. Look at the Windows Boot Loader section in the picture above, there is an identifier number, ex: {672baf70-e2b4-11e0-8f18-f57b82248477}. The number will use in next command, so please be recorded or copied it.
  4. Next still on your Command Prompt type the following command:
    bcdedit /copy {identifier number} /d “Windows 8 Safe Mode”
    For example: I would type this command like this:
    bcdedit /copy {672baf70-e2b4-11e0-8f18-f57b82248477} /d “Windows 8 Safe Mode”
    bcdedit enable Windows 8 safe mode
  5. Then open the Charms bar, and click on the Search charm or you could also press the Windows + F keys to open Search.
  6. Type msconfig in the Search Apps box in the right pane, then will instantly appear msconfig.exe in the left pane. Click on msconfig.exe to open it.
    search for msconfig
  7. Click on the Boot tab, make sure that Windows 8 is set as the default OS. Next, select the Windows 8 Safe Mode, put checks in the box Safe boot – Minimal > set Timeout to 30 seconds > and checks the box Make all boot settings permanent > finally click OK.
    configuration for Windows 8 safe mode
  8. Click Yes to confirm the changes.
    confirm the changes
  9. Then finally click the Restart button.
    restart Windows
  10. Before Windows starts loading, press F8 key to enter into the Advanced Boot Options menu.

Windows 8 Safe Mode is now available on your Windows Boot Manager, and can be used as you need. Stay tuned for more of our Windows 8 tips, do to subscribe if necessary.

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