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How to Make Mangosteen Skin Juice

April 04, 2013 By: Jono Category: Alternative medicine

how to make mangosteen skin juice

Mangosteen is a fruit that has many benefits. Not only are the mangosteen juice benefits, mangosteen skin also has many benefits. This time we will discuss about how to make mangosteen skin juice, not fruit. Are you confused? For that you should read first about the benefits of mangosteen skin.

If you already understand the benefits of mangosteen skin, then it’s time you know how to make mangosteen skin juice. Impossible you eat the raw mangosteen skin directly, because it tastes bitter. So the best way is to juice, or you can combine it with other fruit into juice. Here are the steps how to make mangosteen skin juice properly.

The ingredients need to be prepared:

  • Mangosteen (adjust as needed, can be 2-3 pieces)
  • 1 cup of boiled water
  • Honey
  • Sugar has a low calorie (recomended palm sugar).
  • Blender

How to make mangosteen skin juice properly

After you prepare the ingredients above, then the next is started making mangosteen skin juice. Here’s how you should do.

  1. Scrape mangosteen skin on the inside with a spoon. In this stage, you should be smart to choose the mangosteen skin well and does not decay to obtain high-quality skin. When do scrape the skin, avoiding the black side of the skin or yellow sap contained, so that the juice does not taste bitter.
  2. After that, collect the results of mangosteen skin scrapings in a bowl. The next step is boiling the mangosteen skin, to reduce the taste too bitter.
  3. Include mangosteen skin that has been boiled into a blender, add one cup of boiled water and add sugar. You can also mix it with honey and some fruit of your liking such as avocado, mango, soursop or the other, to reduce the bitter taste of the mangosteen skin.
  4. The mangosteen skin juice was ready to drink. Or you can save it into a bottle and store in the refrigerator.

Mangosteen skin juice has many health benefits for the body. Not only are the mangosteen juice benefits, mangosteen skin also has many benefits. So you are supposed to drink it consistently and regularly so that the results can really be felt.