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Create a Shortcut to Terminate Program Not Responding on Windows 7

March 27, 2013 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

windows 7 not responding shortcut

I’m sure most of you have had the program not responding when running applications on your computer. If this condition occurs frequently, it can cause bad sectors on your hard drive, especially if you then force shut down the computer.

Some factors that cause the program not responding in Windows 7 you, such as:

  • Caused by programs that run beyond the capacity of Ram so the computer cannot run a large application.
  • It can be caused by the harmful activity, a virus or malware.
  • Maybe you are forcing the computer to work quickly, while the computer is in a low condition due to overwork.
  • There is an internal problem with the associated program.

How to create a shortcut to terminate Program Not Responding

To solve it, you can terminate the program not responding only using a shortcut without having to force shut down the computer. Here are the steps you can follow (it works on Windows 7, XP and Vista).

  1. The first thing you should do is right click on your desktop screen > New > Shortcut.
    create a shortcut
  2. Use this taskkill /F /FI “STATUS eq NOT RESPONDING” to fill the location of the item. If the location of the item is correct, click the next button.
    shortcut location
  3. Then give your shortcut name with Kill Not Responding Tasks and then click the Finish button.
    name for this shortcut
  4. Until here, the shortcut for closing the program not responding has been finished, now you need to change your default shortcut icons for easy recall.
  5. Right click on the shortcut that you have previously made.
    change shortcut icon
  6. And then click the Shortcut tab > Change Icon.
    change icon
  7. Select the icon you want to use, and then click Ok.
    choose your shortcut icon
  8. Finally click the Apply button and then click Ok.
    apply your shortcut icon
  9. This is the result of the shortcut you have created, with this shortcut you can terminate all the applications that run programs not responding.
    program not responding

You should try this trick. It will help you from having a program not responding when you run an application on your Windows 7 computer. This trick can apply in the operating system Windows 7, XP and Vista. For Windows 8 I have yet to try, you can try it.

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