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Computer Tips and Tricks for Windows 7

November 26, 2012 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

computer tips and tricks for windows 7

One of the subjects on the super tips and tricks is computer tips and tricks. In this category will be discussed a lot of things related to the problems that arise on your computer. Therefore, the writer will be discuss about solutions to problems that you are facing.

The goal of is to provide knowledge for computer users especially users of Windows 7, in order to better understand the importance of the performance of Windows 7 you are using. Some Windows 7 tips and tricks will be discussed to guide you in making enhancements or improvements to the Windows 7 system you use. Lack of knowledge about the use of computer, providing the initiative for the authors to discuss these things, which include:

Computer tips and tricks for Windows 7 to be checklist

1. Speed up Windows 7 performance

The first thing you should do is Speed up Windows 7 boot. By leveraging the excess capacity of the RAM and the processor you are using, because it is able to speed up your computer boot.

Increase virtual memory in Windows 7 also is very important to improve the speed of access to a computer / laptop. The principle works, virtual memory will utilize free space on the hard disk to increase the speed of access Windows 7.

That is the main Windows 7 tips and tricks you need to do in the early stages to speed up Windows 7 performance before moving to the next steps.

2. Increased system Windows 7

Improving system Windows 7 can be done starting from the hard disk partitioning, the goal is to map the placement of your personal data. If your hard disk has several locations will allow you to store and access data.

Create system restore point in Windows 7 is that you have to do to secure your Windows system. If there is damage to the Windows system when installing a new system it will be easy to restore it to its original state without any data erased or lost.

3. Leveraging the advantages of Windows 7

If you’re using a laptop course, laptop already has WIFI. With WIFI, you can create a WIFI hotspot in Windows 7, so the use of the Internet can be divided into multiple users without having to use a router.

One thing is to complement the Windows 7 display, for those of you who have been using Windows 7 may be saturated with the view presented. You can use the android skin pack for Windows 7 to change the display, making it look more attractive and beautiful. It’s just a choice of optional course.

By studying and make improvements to the computer / laptop using computer tips and tricks for windows 7 above then you already have the ability to improve the performance of Windows 7 you are using.

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