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Android Skin Pack for Windows 7 Beautiful Display

November 21, 2012 By: Jono Category: Windows 7

android skin pack windows 7

Changing view with android skin pack for Windows 7 can be done if you get bored with the look of windows 7 default itself or want windows 7 look more cool and different than others. An alternative is to use a skin pack that.

Skin pack is an application that can be used to change or enhance your windows 7 according to the desired theme. Android Skin Pack is a skin that is used to enhance the look of Windows 7 like android. By using android skin pack Windows 7 it will change the look of the boot screen, desktop, start menu and the icons that will make android look like.

Before making changes to your windows 7 skin, must first perform a backup or create a system restore point in Windows 7. This system can be used to restore the system to its original state (days that the system restore was made) without losing data and settings that have been done on the new system.

How to use the Android Skin pack for Windows 7

It’s easy, just install the Android skin pack on windows 7. Display changes that occur in windows 7 after installing android skin pack can be seen in the figure the following review.
Android Skin pack windows 7

For those who are curious and want to try, you must install Android skin pack for windows 7. To get it you can use the link below.

Android skin pack support for Windows 32/64/86 bit. There are online and offline installation file, simply adjust according to your needs.

For those of you who never use another skin pack before, I suggest you to first uninstall the old skin pack then just install android skin pack. And remember, before installing android skin pack do first system restore point in Windows 7. So after installation and things happen that are not normally on windows 7 then you can restore the system to its original state.

Android skin pack for windows 7 have ever used on my computer and the results are pretty good and did not disappoint, if you are having trouble please leave a comment in the comments field on this page.

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